Women are like nature

We have remarkable resilience and the ability to experience life in a balanced cycle.

parisas designs

I am a natural student of life and nature. That curiosity drew me to India, a country known as the mother of spiritually and natural stones. Experiencing and responding to nature is what keeps me grounded and inspires my creations.


Making jewelry is part of my Persian history.  My father was an engineer but lovingly designed my mother’s wedding jewelry. As a child when I was learning to draw, I loved to create jewelry on paper, cut it out and wear it.

Painting is something that has always come naturally to me. At six years of age, my painting of a running horse won a provincial award. I was invited to be part of a local painter’s group and began to have group and solo exhibits. After coming to India,  I was commissioned to create paintings for commercial properties.

India also rekindled my interest in jewelry making. Instead of drawing it on paper, India afforded me the opportunity to learn about an industry that has been a central part of this county for over 5,000 years. I have closely studied gemstones and learned the art of setting stones in various mediums.

The colours and shapes I see in my travels are reflected in the jewelry I design: the blues of the Mediterranean Sea, the pale yellows and oranges of the Lehbab desert in Dubai, the purples and pinks of a Cyprus sunset, the deep blue and brown sand of the Caspian Sea, the bright greens and blues of India’s peacocks.

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