Antique Necklace

This imperial designed piece goes back to a time of courts balls and high fashion and shows off magnificently. I have a love for these sorts of historical pieces as they just naturally surround themselves with the finer things and when worn give the wearer a  mysterious look and I love that and a chance to create that effect.The piece features a faceted Amethyst gem with special oval hand cut table secured with minimal claw settings. Instead of diamonds,  I have used 54 Zirconium gems in the pc and secured with diamond pin settings in my shop.  To give the pc that final flourish that sets it apart I set 3 beautiful 1 mm round faceted emeralds as complimentary stones  in the necklace. The setting is Sterling Silver, but the pc can also be made in white gold based on a estimate. Length of chain: 14 inches

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Antique Necklace

Metal: sterling silver

Stone: Amethyst, emerald, zircon

Setting: claw settings, pin settings


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